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In this age of iPod's, XBox and Computer Games, there is far less incentive for our kids to learn amchigelle. If you have to choose between XBox or Konkani, what would you pick ? Yes. We heard you saying Konkani.

It is amazing but true that none of us learnt Konkani reading from a book. We learnt Konkani through word of mouth, listening to other people and by speaking regularly. Do you want your kids to have some fun learning South Canara Style Konkani in the same way we all did ? Look no further. You are in the correct website. Ashamai has narrated many short stories in Konkani language and we have tried to put together many of these stories for the benefit of the future Konkani community.

We feel audio is more effective than text, especially for those in their early infancy, when they they cannot read properly but have the maximum grasping power. It is also proven that whatever kids learn during their early stages of life stays with  them throughout their life. Don't you think Konkani should be one of those which needs to be preserved and flourished ? We do and Ashamai is making an attempt to reach out to the future generation.

How to listen to stories?

Ashamai suggests you be with the kids when the stories are being played. You can pause once in a while to help the kid understand the story.Being together deepens the bond that you already have towards the child. Also, limit the story to play during bed time to only one per night, just to keep the curiosity for the next day.

How are the stories are structured?

Stories can range from 5-15 minutes and might have a moral at the end.

How frequently are these stories updated?

Mostly once in a week, untill Ashamai runs out of stories. For updates to these stories and for providing your feedbacks, register in the Discussion board today !!

Who is Ashamai and what does she do?

AshaMai (Asha Shenoy), at 60, is a housewife living in Bangalore, with her husband Shantananda Shenoy. She has raised 3 children and 2 grand kids . There are countless number of kids who have listened to short and sweet stories from her. The story might have a moral, which can apply to grown up kids like us as well !!.

How do i send my feedback to Ashamai?

Since this is Ashamai's first attempt on mass story telling,we truely value your feedbacks.

Ashamai can be reached at
For updates to these stories and for providing your feedbacks, register in the Discussion board today !!

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